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Frequently asked questions

Safety from electric shock?

Grounding Geyser; for your own safety: in order to avoid electric shocks, make sure to connect the grounding wires of the shower unit into the grounding system.

(Ground system must be installed by professional only)

Require Extra Storage tank for hot water?

Not require.

Can it work where water get freeze?


How save electricity?

When you power switch on the geyser, it will be in ON mode but VGS-N-131180 will consume electricity when shower Tap will be on. No hot water No Electricity (use by geyser).

How Install VGS-N-131180?

Our geyser easy to install and use. Plumber and Electrician require for installation. (refer installation manual).

what do customer do in case of an emergency with our geyser?

In case of emergency

  1. Turn off power switch
  2. Turn off water supply

(Check earthling only)