Security Solution

  1. Fire security: Fire detection system and fire suppression system.
  2. CCTV :– HD/IP Camera, Thermal Camera, Highway CCTV solution, NPR Solution
  3. Detector :– Metal Detectors, X-ray Baggage Scanner, Electronic Article Surveillance, Boom Barrier
  4. Security Surveillance :- Under Vehicle Surveillance solution , Bomb Disposal Equipment, Spy Bug, Self Defense Equipment’s
  5. Access Control :- Proximity based, Biometrics, RF-ID and smart card solution
  6. Building Management Solution (for Hotel/Hospital/Govt.Buildingetc)
  7. Lighting Arrestor (protects structures from electrical damage by intercepting lightning surges)
  8. Water Leak Detection System (Digital).
  9. Solar Energy Solution, Solar Water Pump etc.
  10. Rain Water Harvesting Solutions